Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

MCNSP "Wall Rat" Ratatouille Assignment

In the first class in this semester we were analyzing a scene from Ratatouille "Dinner Rush". We analyze how the music and composition give mood and dynamic to the movie. So then the assignment for this week was (Jreng jreeeng) .... to make the music for Ratatouille "Wall Rat" scene.
I basically quite please with the work I've done (please don't mind the detail and the mix :p). I hope you can feel how I sound. hehehe... Enjoy :)

MCNSP @ Fourmix Studio

Like i've mentioned before in my last post about MCNSP, this semester we have few classes at Fourmix Studio. This studio is belong to Pak Yoyo, a senior music engineer working on post production in movie industry. He has dealing with a lot of movies, "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta", "Merantau", "Laskar Pelangi" and many more.

In this first meeting were mainly introducing. He told us how he first jump in to movie industry. How he started with the lack of experience and tools. He shared about how the movie industry in indonesia works and the comparison with the other country.

Next we visited his studio inside the house. He has 3 studio inside the house. First is for spotting. The second one is for recording VO, dubbing or sound effects. The third one is for Mixing and Mastering. Once we enter the studio, it feels like we were entering a mini home movie theater mixed with a mixing studio. The speakers are placed behind a white curtain acting like a movie screen. And there is a sofa for clients (we were the client that time, hehe)

In the studio, we were watching a trailer of a horror movie he was working. He showed us the "before" and "after" he mix the sound whether it is music or dialogue. And we do some question and answer session especially about Basic Acoustic and Frequency. How to treat a room, how to train our ear, the basic sound wave treatment like absorption, reflection and dispersion, and so on.

Basically, what he showed us is more from his experiences. So there's no step by step method or some kind of text book explanation in this session. But with this, we expect to know how the workflow, the obstacle that we have to deal with, and the basic field knowledge to be ready for working in music for movies.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Soulvibe "Tribute to Stevie Wonder"

Last month, on July 17th, we (Soulvibe) got a change to perform in Indra Lesmana's event, Mostly Jazz. We were performing Stevie Wonder songs. It was quite thrilling because so many senior jazz musicians were watching us performing. Moreover Indra Lesmana was also performing with us in 2 of the songs. But I think we did a good job. Hehehe...

These are some of the video. You can browse through youtube to watch the other video. Enjoy :)