Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Tips Kecil untuk Bahagia

Jangan menyesalkan masa lalu
Ambil pelajarannya dan lupakan. Difikirkanpun tidak akan berubah

Jangan menunggu masa depan
Dia akan datang dengan sendirinya. Lebih baik berusaha untuk hari esok daripada mengkhawatirkannya

Hiduplah untuk hari ini
Bersyukur dan nikmatilah. Kita berada dalam nikmat, hanya saja kerap tidak menyadarinya

~La Tahzan~

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Birthday Wishes

I wish . . .
I will always be with you
Through the good times and bad times
Please, let us be together
Guide us to be strong
Make us happy, healthy and full of joy
Show us the way to Your blessing
Please, take care of the people we love
And send your guidance for me to be a better person
for me and the people I love

Thank you for the birthday surprise sweetheart
Thank you for the birthday present
Thank you for always be with me
Thank you for your love
I love you

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memo in a Studio

I found a very interesting memo. Makes me feel like it's for me . . .

1. Jangan memanjakan aku.
Aku tahu betul kalau aku tidak bisa mendapatkan semua yang aku minta. Aku hanya mengetes kamu

2. Jangan takut untuk bersikap tegas terhadapku
Aku lebih suka itu karena membuatku merasa lebih aman

3. Jangan biarkan aku memulai kebiasaan buruk
Aku harus mengandalkan mu untuk mendeteksinya secara dini

4. Jangan membuat aku merasa kecil
Hal itu hanya membuatku melakukan hal-hal yang menjengkelkan dan bodoh

5. Jangan mengkritik aku di depan orang lain
Aku lebih memperhatikan jika kamu mengatakan kepadaku secara pribadi

6. Jangan membuat aku merasa kesalahan ku adalah dosa
Hal ini mengganggu rasa percaya diriku

7. Jangan melindungi aku dari sebuah konsekuensi
Kafang aku perlu belajar dari cara yang menyakitkan

8. Jangan terlampau marah jika aku mengatakan "Aku membencimu"
Bukan kamu yang aku benci tapi kekuasaanmu untuk melarangku

9. Jangan mengomel terus
Jika terjadi aku harus melindungi diri dengan berpura-pura tuli

10. Jangan mudah mengumbar janji
Ingat kamu akan merasa sangat kecewa ketika janji-janji tidak ditepati

11. Jangan lupa aku tidak dapat menjelaskan apa yang ada dibenakku sebaik yang kau mau
Itulah sebabnya aku tak selalu akurat

12. Jangan meremehkan kejujuranku
Aku mudah ditakuti untuk berbohong

13. Jangan tidak konsisten
Hal itu membingungkan dan memnuat aku kehilangan kepercayaan kepadamu

14. Jangan menghalangi aku untuk bertanya
Aku akan berhenti bertanya dan mencari jawaban dari sumber lain

15. Jangan memberi kesan bahwa kamu tidak pernah berbuat salah
Aku akan kecewa sekali mendapatkan sebaliknya

16. Jangan merasa hilang wibawa untuk meminta maaf
Permintaan maaf yang jujur membuat aku merasa diikat denganmu

17. Jangan lupa aku suka bereksperimen
Aku tidak dapat maju tanpanya, harap maklum

18. Jangan lupa aku tidak dapat berhasil tanpa pengertian dan kasih sayang yang melimpah
Tetapi aku tidak perlu mengatakannya setiap saat bukan

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

- Don't you want a love like this -

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Will Rock You by SOULVIBE

We had a chance to cover one of Queen song. We chose We Will Rock You. And this is how its done. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MSNCP - American Beauty Opening Scene Dummy

This is my assignment in my scoring class. We ought to remake American Beauty opening scene score. The original score made by Thomas Newman. He use simple notes so the audience can easily remember the music. From the original score, we can notice the character, the and what's going on in the family in the beginning of the movie. He uses unique sounds in every score he made.

There are some points from my teacher :
1. Even though the music was made from loop we can edit, mix, add, just do experiment with the midi signal or the sound. So the music will not sound boring.
2. I made the music too precise. Too stick on the part. You can feel it on the start of "Jane theme" (Piano).

Enjoy :))

Monday, November 14, 2011

MSNCP - Sample Rate and Bit Rate

One of the study material given for MSNCP class is about Bit Rate and Sample Rate. This is an important thing to know especially for recording and mixing audio for film (or even CD). This is the definition of Sample Rate and Bit Rate I took from I am not understand that much about this technically audio recording physics things =D But at least we know the basic so that as a composer we can produce the sound as we expected to.

Sample Rate

Sample rate is the number of samples of a sound that are taken per second to represent the event digitally. The more samples taken per second, the more accurate the digital representation of the sound can be. For example, the current sample rate for CD-quality audio is 44,100 samples per second.

The more samples per second that are taken, the more accurate the digital representation is of the analog waveform. Each sample is really only a number that contains the amplitude value of a waveform measured over time. This brings us to bit-depth.

Bit Rate

Bit depth defines how many bits are used to describe each of the samples taken from the sample rate (above). It describes the potential accuracy of a digital audio file. Higher bit depth audio will sound better than smaller bit-depth audio. 8 and 16-bit audio are currently the most common sample sizes. 8-bit audio takes up less hard drive space but is inherently noisier than 16 or 24 bit-depth audio. CD quality is 16-bit.

Bit depth is frequently encountered in specifications for hardware and in the specifications for what kind of digital audio a piece of software can capture and process.

Basically, it depend on the needs for choosing between the level of Sample Rate and Bit Rate we will be using. The higher the Bit Rate and the Sample Rate require the higher processing tools also. I prefer using 48.000 for sample rate. Because with a little upgrade in sample rate, you can produce much better sound quality than 44.100 sample rate (based on my subjective opinion :p).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vibetronic @ Soulnation 2011

Collaboration of SOULVIBE & DYZTRK at Soulnation Festival 2011. We present VIBETRONIC


It's been around two months since the last time I updated my blog. They say the hardest part is the start. But I think the "Re-start" is not an easy thing either. That's why may be people say that we have to be consistent to what we're doing. Because when we pause too long, it's more like starting from the scratch but with the rules of the previous part. We need more time to align things so people still can see the continuity. Okay now, I'm gonna re-start this blog. Wish me luck guys

Monday, September 12, 2011

Somebody I love said to me :

I think love is not "That's your fault!"
but "I'm sorry.."
Not "What's wrong with you!"
but "I get it.."
And also not "I wish you were.."
but "I'm glad you are.."
The most important thing is not "I love you, because.."
but "I love you though.."

Yes, I'm feeling it...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

- Sorry twitter, I only tweet when i need you -

Sunday, August 14, 2011

MCNSP "Wall Rat" Ratatouille Assignment

In the first class in this semester we were analyzing a scene from Ratatouille "Dinner Rush". We analyze how the music and composition give mood and dynamic to the movie. So then the assignment for this week was (Jreng jreeeng) .... to make the music for Ratatouille "Wall Rat" scene.
I basically quite please with the work I've done (please don't mind the detail and the mix :p). I hope you can feel how I sound. hehehe... Enjoy :)

MCNSP @ Fourmix Studio

Like i've mentioned before in my last post about MCNSP, this semester we have few classes at Fourmix Studio. This studio is belong to Pak Yoyo, a senior music engineer working on post production in movie industry. He has dealing with a lot of movies, "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta", "Merantau", "Laskar Pelangi" and many more.

In this first meeting were mainly introducing. He told us how he first jump in to movie industry. How he started with the lack of experience and tools. He shared about how the movie industry in indonesia works and the comparison with the other country.

Next we visited his studio inside the house. He has 3 studio inside the house. First is for spotting. The second one is for recording VO, dubbing or sound effects. The third one is for Mixing and Mastering. Once we enter the studio, it feels like we were entering a mini home movie theater mixed with a mixing studio. The speakers are placed behind a white curtain acting like a movie screen. And there is a sofa for clients (we were the client that time, hehe)

In the studio, we were watching a trailer of a horror movie he was working. He showed us the "before" and "after" he mix the sound whether it is music or dialogue. And we do some question and answer session especially about Basic Acoustic and Frequency. How to treat a room, how to train our ear, the basic sound wave treatment like absorption, reflection and dispersion, and so on.

Basically, what he showed us is more from his experiences. So there's no step by step method or some kind of text book explanation in this session. But with this, we expect to know how the workflow, the obstacle that we have to deal with, and the basic field knowledge to be ready for working in music for movies.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Soulvibe "Tribute to Stevie Wonder"

Last month, on July 17th, we (Soulvibe) got a change to perform in Indra Lesmana's event, Mostly Jazz. We were performing Stevie Wonder songs. It was quite thrilling because so many senior jazz musicians were watching us performing. Moreover Indra Lesmana was also performing with us in 2 of the songs. But I think we did a good job. Hehehe...

These are some of the video. You can browse through youtube to watch the other video. Enjoy :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Telah tiba waktu yang indah untuk kita
Untuk membenahi jiwa dalam diri kita

Mengertilah arti dibalik semua
Waktu kan bicara
Hari yang bahagia akan jadi milik kita

Go Fast for Your Soul
Bersihkan hati dengannya
Go Fast for Your Soul
Yakinkan hatimu akan kau raih bahagia

-Go Fast for Your Soul-

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MCNSP 2nd Semester STARTS!

MCNSP is back! The second semester of Music Composition and Scoring Program started on 27th of July 2011. After about a month of break, the class was starting again.

Last semester we talk much about "Orchestra" whether the instrumentation, orchestration, or the technique to develop a good composition. In this semester we will learn about how to spot music into the movie scene. The film we will be using for the study case are "Ratatouille", "King", "American Beauty" and "Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park". We will also have classes with the experienced Post Production Studio Engineer, Satrio Budiono (Yoyo) to study about Basic Audio and Studio Technology.

The first class in this semester we were given the scores of one scene in "Ratatouille" named Dinner Rush. We learned about "Spotting and Composition Analysis"

First thing, we listened the main theme of Ratatouille. We have to remember the theme so we can analyze how the theme evolve in a certain kind of mood.

Then we listened to the music of Dinner Rush scene. We analyze the instrumentation. The mood. Dynamic. The composition.

Then we read the scores without listening to the music (this is the most confusing part)

Then we had to listen to the music while reading the scores (this is also confusing -_-)

Then we watched the scene "Dinner Rush" without thinking just enjoying the movie (the best part)

Then we start to analyze how the music evolve in every part of the scene. Whenever the environment changes, whenever the mood changes, whenever the character reacts. Every detail of the music gives "life" into the movie. Every hit and stressing is placed in the right spot (that's why they call this "spotting")

My teacher said, learning about music in movie is more like being a detective in CSI. We were given the "killing scene" (the movie) then we have to reconstruct how it happened (the music dynamic) and the motive (the music pattern). We have to analyze how the composer imagined the mood for a movie.

Cinta Tak Butuh Alasan

Sekejap ku rapuh
Sejenak ku merindu
Sekilas ku tahu
Kau satu di mimpiku

Oh, apa yang kurasa
Ku yakin engkaulah cinta

Janganlah kau pertanyakan
Aku pun tak tahu mengapa
Yang ku tahu ku cinta
Yang ku tahu cinta tak butuh alasan

Merangkai alasan
Dibalik perasaan
Semakin ku cari
Semakin ku percaya bahwa kaulah

Permata hatiku
Kaulah satu di hidupku

Janganlah kau pertanyakan
Aku pun tak tahu mengapa
Yang ku tahu ku cinta
Yang ku tahu cinta tak butuh alasan

-Cinta tak Butuh Alasan-
by Rio

Lagu ini tercipta berdasarkan perasaan nyata hati gue. Ketika kita sudah mengetahui apa yang kita mau dan butuhkan. Sisanya kita tinggal mendengarkan perasaan kita dan percaya.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Viva Cosmetic TVC (Unpublished)

This is a final revision of unpublished Viva Cosmetic TVC. I made the music. Unfortunately, the project was cancelled. Please enjoy :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saat Perjalanan Pulang dari Anyer

N : Kamu bakal ninggalin aku ga?

R : Iya. Suatu saat aku akan ninggalin kamu. Atau bahkan kamu yang ninggalin aku duluan

N : Kok gitu?! Aku kan ga mau kehilangan kamu

R : Aku juga sama. Aku ga mau kehilangan kamu. Tapi setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan. Siapapun itu, teman, pacar, sahabat, bahkan keluarga. Bagaimanapun caranya, kita akan berpisah

N : ....

R : Kalo buat aku yang penting sekarang gimana kita mengisi momen-momen saat kita bersama dengan orang yang kita sayang. Gimana kita ngebahagiain mereka, menikmati momen-momen bareng-bareng, marahan juga perlu dinikmati, jadi begitu waktunya tiba untuk berpisah kita meninggalkan kesan yang indah buat mereka. Kalo mikirin "dia bakal ninggalin kita ga ya?" atau cemburu2 terus takut ditinggalin, begitu perpisahan itu tiba ga ada yang bisa diambil atau diinget dari waktu saat kita bersama mereka. Pikiran kita cuma sibuk mikir gituan ga sempet menikmati momen yang ada sekarang. Kalau nantinya kita berpisah, itu udah jalannya. Sama seperti pertemuan kita sekarang, ini udah jalannya.

N : Aku menikmati kita ngomong-ngomong gini sekarang

R : Aku juga

MissHoundsTooth - Behind the Scene Video

This is a behind the scene video of MissHoundstooth photoshoot session. I made the music. Enjoy :)

Director : Fajri Sophiaan
Editor : Fajri Sophiaan
Music : Adrianto Ario Seto (Riyo Kiyo)
talent : Alena Frolova
Photoshoot session : Rizki Wahyudi
Makeup : Mei Christanto
Thanks to : Aulia Karya Nugraha, Putra Agung, Johan Jakatama, Nugra Kinzana, Heriette Felicita

for misshoundstooth by Tessa Fedilla

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saya Cuma Yakin

Sudah beberapa minggu saya tidak update blog saya. Kebetulan sekolah saya sedang libur namun bulan lalu banyak banget kerjaan yang mesti diselesaikan selain jadwal manggung yang padat. Dan ada satu lagi yang bikin saya sibuk. Saya bertemu seseorang yang kemudian jadi pacar saya. Hehehehe

Saya sendiri ga percaya bahwa sekarang saya sudah berpacaran dengan orang tersebut. Yang menarik saya menjalin hubungan dengan dia setelah hanya EMPAT KALI bertemu dengan dia. Di saat saya menulis blog ini pun baru kira-kira sebulan saya kenal dengan dia. Ajaib! Belum pernah kejadian seperti ini.

Saya hanya percaya bahwa dia orang yang baik sebagai pasangan saya. Dia memiliki sifat dasar dimana saya merasa cocok dengan sifat tersebut. Saya bisa menjadi diri sendiri, dia pun begitu. Saya bisa mengobrol panjang lebar dengan dia. Tertawa pada suatu hal yang tidak lucu. Diam dan tetap merasa nyaman. Saling "ngenye" satu sama lain. Bahkan saya bisa percaya dengan dia. Saya merasa seperti sudah kenal lama padahal belum tau apa-apa tentang dia. Aneh, tapi kejadian.

Dibalik semua perbedaan yang ada, saya merasa nyaman dengan dia. Kalau buat saya, hal itu yang utama dalam sebuah hubungan. Apalagi saya bukan orang yang mudah merasa nyaman dengan orang lain.

Memang terkadang tak butuh banyak waktu untuk "rasa" itu bisa tumbuh. Tak butuh banyak waktu untuk bisa percaya. Ketika kepercayaan dan rasa itu datang kita cuma bisa YAKIN bahwa dia lah yang selama ini kita cari.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

If you are struck between two options, just flip a coin in the air!
Not because it solves the problem... but because while the coin is in the air, You will get to know what your heart is really hoping for.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I made a new blog. It's all about the music that I made. It talks more about my work. Please, mind to visit my new blog.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music Composition program week 13 - 15

This is my last week on music composition class before the semester ends then we have about 1 month break. My last homework in this semester is to remake the simpsons theme (the homework in week 8) using midi programming.

In week 8, we had to use Sibellius to make the arrangement. It's more like a program to produce a score rather than to make a midi programming. And then the score will be played by the musicians and recorded.

And now we have to use midi programming to make an arrangement. It's tricky because it has to sound as natural as the real one. At least you have to know how to play the instrument. While composing it's important for you to imagine as if it played by the real instrument.

I used Kontakt and Garitan as a sound generator and composing with Logic. I input the note, and then I edited the automation such as modulation and velocity to produce more natural sound and dynamics. I got a tip from my lecturer : You can copy paste the note, then drag it slightly (even almost hard to notice the difference) either forward or backward to produce more natural sound of the instruments.

I think have to practice a lot more to make it sounds more natural. And I had problem to mix it. I don't know why I can't pan and adjust the volume of the instruments. It really piss me out. I'll find out what happen later on.

Hope you all enjoy

Monday, June 6, 2011


Uang bisa dicari. Kebahagiaan juga bisa dicari. Kalau kebahagiaan hilang karena cari uang bagaimana? Kebahagiaan tidak bisa dibeli.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Terjebak Nostalgia

Telah lama ku tahu engkau
Punya rasa untukku
Kini saat dia tak kembali
Kau nyatakan cintamu

Namun aku takkan pernah bisa

Ku takkan pernah merasa
Rasakan cinta yang kau beri
Ku terjebak di ruang nostalgia

Semua yang kurasa kini
Tak berubah sejak dia pergi
Maafkanlah ku hanya ingin sendiri ku disini

-Terjebak Nostalgia by Rio-

Lagu ini bisa didengarkan di album Raisa. Inspirasinya datang setelah gue nonton film perang dimana istri-istri prajurit ditinggal oleh suaminya yang pergi perang. Agak ga nyambung ya..

Gue berfikir seperti ini. Kadang yang membuat seseorang ga bisa move on itu adalah memori tentang "masa lalu". Secara ga sadar, kita ga mau melepas kenangan itu sehingga membuat kita terjebak di nostalgia. Wajar banget!

Sampai akhirnya kita bisa pelan-pelan kita bisa mulai berfikir bahwa ini akan menjadi kenangan indah yang membuat kita tersenyum di kemudian hari. Sebagai pelajaran, sebagai nostalgia, yang membuat kita semakin kuat. Hingga kita siap untuk membuat memori baru dengan orang yang baru.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby, I'm Yours

I love everything in this Video. Baby, I'm yours - Breakbot. Sexyy

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Vibenatics :

May I be honest to you?

I don't think it's exaggerating to say that you are the energy

You won't believe how it excites us just to see you smiling, dancing, laughing, cheering, choir-ing during our performances

How your tweets and comments (even the bad ones) urge us even harder to be better

Please understand that we can't always come when you call

Don't be mad, you know we miss you too

You say you'll be waiting for our next album, don't you know that every word gives us hope to move forward

Don't stop being so supportive, don't stop sending your love, don't ever stop Feeling the Vibe

Because you are the energy

We love you Vibenatics

-Rio for Soulvibe-

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Serba Salah" Music Video - Raisa

This is "Serba Salah" music video from RAISA directed by Joey Christian & Heru Admaja.

Raisa Debut Album is on Stores!!

Horee horee horeeeeee!!!!

Alhamdulillah, album debut RAISA akhirnya rilis juga. Setelah sekitar 1 tahun pengerjaan akhirnya sejak tanggal 10 Mei kemarin bisa dibeli di toko-toko CD terdekat.

Album ini berisi 9 track dengan "Serba Salah" sebagai single pertamanya. Saya, Handy (Soulvibe) dan Asta (RAN) berperan menjadi produser dalam pengerjaan album RAISA ini. Deg-degan juga project pertama menjadi produser bukan band sendiri. Banyak sekali bantuan, masukan, support dari musisi-musisi dan teman-teman yang ikut mendukung proses terjadinya album ini. MANY BIG THANKS TO ALL OF THEM!

Mudah-mudahan album RAISA bisa diterima dan dapat menambah variasi musik di Indonesia, syukur-syukur sampai mancanegara. Amiiin..

Beli yaaa!! :D